The BVI Business Outlook Conference is an annual 'must attend' one day event designed to look at the year ahead and the outlook for business in the British Virgin Islands in the context of ongoing global economic challenges. It speaks to the primary sectors of the local economy; financial services, tourism, real estate and infrastructural development. The conference takes place on the second Wednesday of January at Scrub Island Resort.

The event is an excellent opportunity to reach and interface with leading private sector CEOs, MDs and top Government Officials including the Premier, the Governor and other Ministers of Government and other key influencers of the local economy. Over the life of the conference, our global keynote speakers have included; Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, Premier and Minister of Finance of the British Virgin Islands; Sir John Swan, former Premier of Bermuda; Sir Richard Branson, The Virgin Group; Ed Kelly, President/CEO, American Express Publishing; David Jessop, Executive Director, The Caribbean Council London.


As the global community gears up for the holiday season and the waning days of 2015, it is very clear that we have entered a period where volatility is now the new normal, on the economic front as well as in the global geopolitical space. The ‘Paris Attacks’ of mid November, the second for the year, have shaken confidence in the world’s major capitals. These attacks will have repercussions far beyond the Rues de Paris.

On the economic dashboard, growth in most of the world’s leading economies has been challenged at best and in the worst case, economies such as Japan and Brazil are back in recession. The BRICS have lost their shine as financial capital seeks out new havens in search of growth opportunity. The United States continues to be a bright spot although anxiety is rising with the threat of an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve. The post Obama fight for the White House is in full stride adding its share of uncertainty. Meanwhile after a summer of frayed nerves, China has reduced its projected rate of GDP growth for 2016 to 6.5% down from 7%, a rate of growth that would be welcomed with street celebrations in the EU.

Engaging the future in a period of volatility is never devoid of challenges. For the BVI we must fasten our seatbelts as we move forward for what will be a long bumpy road ahead. Adversity is always coupled with opportunity; opportunity for the nimble and best prepared. We at Business BVI believe that the BVI is well positioned to face the period of volatility ahead armed with; a government with a fresh mandate, significant ongoing investment in critical national infrastructure projects, a strategic plan for the financial services sector, a strong brand globally - both in tourism and financial services, the potential for new game changing initiatives aimed at addressing the territory’s air access challenges, long term investment in new areas of opportunity such as arbitration and dispute resolution, fishing and medical tourism.

Please join us for a day of top level presentations, frank discussions and globally informed debate on what is required to successfully navigate the global marketplace in the period of volatility ahead.

The Scrub Island ferry runs all day from Scrub Island to Trellis Bay at 30 minutes past the hour and from Trellis Bay to Scrub Island at 45 minutes past the hour. The last boat will run from Scrub Island at 10:30pm.

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O​ur aim ​is ​to provide ​conference ​participants with an engaging and stimulating experience​ and the information below is intended to inform the conference discussions and the Q&A sessions


Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE, MHA, Premier and Minister for Finance of the British Virgin Islands

As the leader of Government business, his portfolio includes the coordination of government policies...

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Carmel Martin

Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President, Policy, Center for American Progress

Carmel Martin is the Executive Vice President for Policy at American Progress.

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Nathan Lump

Nathan Lump, Editor, Travel + Leisure

Nathan Lump is Editor of Travel + Leisure, a role he assumed in September of 2014, leading the strategic and creative development of the T+L brand across platforms. Prior to joining Time Inc...

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Chad C. Holm

Chad C. Holm, Strategic Advisor - Financial Services

Mr. Holm has over 20 years experience as a strategic advisor to financial services clients and as a private equity professional. He has worked in both Asia and the U.S. and completed over 100 strategic assignments with aggregate deal volume of $300 billion USD across 25 markets.

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Mehdi Khalaji, Libitzky Family Fellow, The Washington Institute, Washington, DC

Mehdi Khalaji is the Libitzky Family Fellow at The Washington Institute, and author of The Last Marja, Sistani and the End of Traditional Religious Authority in Shiism, and Tightening the Reins, How Khamenei Makes Decision.

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Lorna Smith, OBE, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LGS & Associates

Lorna Smith is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LGS and Associates. Ms. Smith has more than three decades of experience at the highest levels of the public service in the British Virgin Islands.

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Simon Filmer

Simon Filmer, Deputy Group Managing Director, OIL

Simon Filmer joined OIL in February 2013 and is the Deputy Group Managing Director.

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Robert T. Grieves

Robert T. Grieves, Chairman and CEO of Hamilton Advisors Limited

Robert T. Grieves is Chairman and CEO of Hamilton Advisors Limited, a strategic communications firm headquartered in Hong Kong, which he co-founded in 2009.

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Edward L Childs

Edward L. Childs MRICS, Director, Smiths Gore BVI Limited

Edward Child joined Smiths Gore in 1990 having trained with Savills in London in commercial property surveying.

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Rana D. Lacer,

Rana D. Lacer, CPA, CGMA, Senior Vice President of Finance, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Rana Lacer is senior vice president of finance for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

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John Beechey

John Beechey, Chairman of the Board, BVI International Arbitration Centre

John Beechey was President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration from January 2009 to June 2015.

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Carson Wen

Carson Wen, Of Counsel, Jones Day, Hong Kong

Carson Wen has more than 30 years of experience in business, corporate, and securities law. He has advised international clients on mergers and acquisitions of listed and private companies in multiple industries and on financial transactions in China, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.

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Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith, General Counsel of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission

Dawn J. Smith is General Counsel of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission and a member of the Focus Group established to develop new arbitration legislation for the BVI.

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Peter Cochran

Peter Cochran, Vice President of Operations, The Moorings

Previous restaurant entrepreneur in the UK.

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Gerard St.C Farara Q.C.

Gerard St.C. Farara Q.C., High Court Judge, Commercial Division, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

Gerard St.C Farara Q.C., a lawyer of over 35 years call and the second native BVIslander to practice law in the BVI, is the Senior Partner and Head of Litigation of FARARA KERINS...

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Martein Van Wagenberg

Martein Van Wagenberg, Managing Director, Le Guanahani

Martein van Wagenberg joined Le Guanahani, the luxurios and iconic resort in Saint Barthelemy in the French West indies, as managing Director in August 2013.

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Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd, Partner, Harneys

Greg joined Harneys as a corporate partner in April 2015.

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